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157 Series

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Features :

  • 14-24-36-50 (64 Way) contact connectors.
  • Glass filled polyester dielectric permits operation to 700 VDC at sea level without shorting or flashover. Dielectric resists cracking or chipping - has high mechanical strength, also low moisture absorption.
  • Copper alloy contacts with plated gold over nickel for excellent current electrical continuity as wiped-clean conductor cold flows around engaging surface to form large contact area.
  • Hooked contacts recessed in body to prevent mating damage.
  • Float-bushing mounting permits 0.020" radial float for easy mating.
  • Zinc-plated steel outer shell with clear chromate finish resists corrosion.
  • Wide, flat mating surfaces are pressed tightly together by the flexing action of both contacts for protection against ˇ§opensˇ¨.
  • Positive mating action wipes contacts clean, removes film or foreign material for low contact resistance.
  • Trapezoidal shell assures correct polarity.
  • Metal shells improved EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Combines the field proven features of the 57 series (solder) connectors with the IDC termination techniques.
  • Termination technique requires no specialist operators.
  • Coded contacts to assist wiring identification.
  • Intermateable with all other 57 series connectors.
  • 90˘X plastic hoods are separate from the cable clamp device which is attached directly to the connector body. The hood snaps on and off easily.
  • The mated connectors may be locked together with either spring clips, provided on the receptacle, or a captivated screw. With the spring clip locking device there is no need for additional hardware. The spring clips engage the windows provided in the plug body.