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Features :

  • SCL-6020A Standard
  • 14-24-36-50 contact connectors
  • Hooked contacts recessed in body to prevent mating damage
  • Coded contacts to assist wiring identification
  • Copper alloy contacts, selectively gold plated over copper for excellent current carrying characteristics
  • UL94V 0 rated dially phthalate dielectric per MIL-M14F type MDG, for operation up to 700 volts D.C. (sea level) without shorting or flashover. Resists cracking or chipping and has low moisture absorption
  • Float bushings on receptacles allow 0.020 radial float, for corrosion resistance
  • Metal shells for improved EMI/RFI connector shielding
  • Zinc plated steel outer shell, with clear chromate finish, for corrosion resistance
  • Wide, flat mating surfaces, pressed tightly together by flexing action of both contacts, for electrical continuity
  • Positive mating action that wipes contacts clean, removing film or foreign matter, for low contact resistance
  • Solder cup type contact tails (for easy wire attachment) and pin style tails (for printed circuit board attachment) both are available. A high barrier between contact rows also is available
  • A trapezoidal shape shell that assures correct polarity
  • UL and CSA approved